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KneeGuardKids - Car seat footrest

Take care of your child's position in the car

and keep your child Safe !

Why KneeGuardKids - Car Seat Footrest is necessary?

Keep your kid's proper blood circulation

Prevent blood circulation problems and numbness caused by pressure on your legs against the edge of the seat.

Reduced muscle tension

It helps to avoid discomfort that causes children to cross their legs or kick into the back of the front seat to reduce muscle stress.

Stable position of the spine

The footrest optimally supports the children's legs, ensuring the correct position of the spine.

Optimally relieved joints

Avoid leaning kids' legs against the backrest of the front seat. In this position, in the event of an accident or even an emergency braking, the limbs will suffer multiple organ injuries.

How does your child behave in the car when seated in a forward facing car seat?

As a parent, you probably get symptoms like this. Can you guess why children behave this way while driving? What keeps them from sitting steadily all the way?

Most often they try to draw your attention to the discomfort they feel in this way.

Does your child:

Kick into the back of the frontseat?

Cross legs?

Often change position?

Is your child restless?

This is how it signals the lack of support under the feet!

Make sure your child travels comfortably

Children up to the age of 9 are too young to place their feet on the floor of the vehicle on their own. Loosely hanging legs, leaning against the edges of the car seat are exposed to constant pressure, which causes blood and lymph circulation disorders. ng.

Consequently, this leads to tingling sensations in the legs. The load on the limbs, caused by self-weight and gravity, is manifested by unpleasant tenderness in the knees and muscles. In such a situation, the child is simply uncomfortable in the seat.

Instinctively, child looks for opportunities to improve an uncomfortable position in the car. Unfortunately, it lowers its safety parameters in this way in the event of even a minor breakdown. 

Remember that a car seat will protect your child effectively, but only if it maintains the correct sitting position while driving!

KneeGuardKids – Car seat footrest helps you to achieve that!

Car footrest for children Kneeguardkids

See how the lack of leg support when riding in a car seat causes discomfort and numbness of the limbs.

Install KneeGuardKids in the car and eliminate this problem in no time!

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In the medical expert’s eye

KneeGuardKids - Car seat footrest
is tested & completely safe!

Crash test

KneeGuardKids passed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No.213 ‘Child Restraint System’ by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in USA.

The correct starting position at the time of an accident is essential for the safety of your child.

Only in this position can the seat protect the little passenger!

KneeGuardKids footrest - trusted by specialists and parents

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Choose your model:

KneeGuardKids 4

KneeGuardKids 4 is the newest and an advanced footrest designed for children travelling in forward-facing car seats without a support leg. This footrest fully increases comfort and helps to maintain the correct and safe sitting position of the child by providing stable and solid support for their feet. It is suitable for children even up to 9-10 years old and can be attached to vehicles with and without the ISOFIX system.

KneeGuardKids 3

KneeGuardKids 3 is a footrest designed for children travelling in forward-facing car seats which optimally increases kids’ comfort by providing stable and solid support for their feet. The footrest can be installed in any car. It is suitable for children up to 8-9 years old and can be attached to vehicles with and without the ISOFIX system.